How Do I Find Inspiration to Write a Song?

Mic & FilterHey folks! I’ve been thinking about doing some blogging here on the site, and figured this was as good a time as any, so here we go. I actually got an email here on the site with a question about song writing, and finding inspiration:

Hey brother,
I’m a singer just like yourself and I’ve been trying to write my own song but I don’t ever find that right inspiration. Any advice?


Excellent question! For me, songs come about in a couple of different ways.

My favorite way, is God just handing me something… virtually downloaded straight into my brain, from Him. It’s a very weird and amazing experience. This happens at random times, in random places… and has happened several times in my sleep. I literally wake up mumbling the words to a song I was just singing in a dream – I write these words down, or I sing it into my phone (which is always nearby) – and I fall back asleep. If God drops a song, or even a song idea in your lap, record what you’ve got, or write it down as soon as possible. Nurture the song snippet… let it grow and blossom in your heart and mind, and one day it’ll grow up to be a real/full song!

Reading the Bible is another way I come up with songs. I subscribe to “Today’s Bible Passage” @, and typically go through all the emails they send every couple of days. Some of them, I do skip over and delete… because the way I see it, some verses have been overused in Gospel music, and I don’t want to sound repetitious or cliche, or possibly invoke the thought of some other familiar song when I’m writing something. I’m not sure if the overuse of the same scriptures for so many songs are because God keeps bringing these same verses/phrases/etc. to the forefront of writer’s minds as they write, or if it’s just out of familiarity and laze… but I digress. My point is, the Word has an abundance of rich scriptures and stories to pull from. Read it prayerfully, and see what God has for you to say.

Listening to tracks will inspire song lyrics for me a lot of the time as well. This is an interesting thing for me, because a lot of the time it feels like there are lyrics and an underlying melody hidden in the track, and my job is just to extract them. That’s actually what happened with my single, This Time. I heard the track, and honestly it made my stomach hurt, lol… it was a weird feeling, like I felt something was there that needed to get out. I could hear certain words, concepts and phrases hitting me as I listened to the music, and I had to take some time to process everything I was hearing (in my head). So I wrote down the pieces that I heard, and listened to it over the next couple of days. God helped me put together the chorus and the verses, and that was it. It’s a surreal experience, but it doesn’t happen like that all the time.

That’s all I’ve got! All of the ways are similar, in that God gives me something some kind of way, and I flesh it out. I’ve looked up some info on songwriting methods before, but never really put much of it into practice. I did like this video though, and will probably try to write something using this method at some point:

Any other songwriters out there? Feel free to chime in with your method of writing songs and creating music in the comments section below!

God Bless!

  1. brandon

    why did I spend a good 2 minutes trying to find a “like” button. Good things to think on.

    5 years ago

    • thisisdamon


      Thanks Brandon!

      5 years ago

  2. J. Stone

    I”m a Writer of music and how i get Music is i pray then i just let god talk to me and i some times I just use my life and just write from their trust me your life is a song use what God Gave you

    5 years ago

  3. Johnathan Perez

    thanks for this bro

    3 years ago


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