Who is Damon

Friend of God. Husband & Father. Software engineer for 20+ years, Entrepreneur, Author, Vocalist, Writer, Content Creator, Music Lover and Comic Book nerd.

I’m sharing the journey of juggling each aspect of who I am, while creating content and opportunities in each vein.

I’m Damon Collins. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles in the 80’s. Became a web developer at a startup internet company in the 90’s. Moved to San Diego in the early 2000’s and became an adult. The mid-2010’s is where I started the journey of entrepreneurship.

So that brings us to now – I’m writing a book, I’m developing several brands, writing some music, and building a couple of companies. If that sounds like a lot… you’re right! It is!

I’m married to the greatest wife on earth, that supports and encourages everything I’m trying to do. I’m dad to two hilarious geniuses who don’t want me to work on anything at all.

Hopefully I’ll be able to chronicle the madness of juggling all of this stuff here.

This is Damon