This week, I start working on a song I've tentatively titled "Look Up". Follow me on Facebook @ to catch the next live songwriting session.
Check out this recording of my first official songwriting session on Facebook Live. This week, I visited and took advantage of his current sale: by one track, get 4 additional tracks for free! A lot of producers who have tracks for sale mostly cater towards hip-hop artists, so you'll see it's a bit of struggle finding R&B, Neo-Soul,...
I'm getting back to writing and recording music, and I want everyone in on the journey. Check out the new live video series at

Sweat Equity

Everybody doesn't get the term "sweat equity" Some may have never heard of it. I came across it several years ago when negotiating with an inventor who needed a web presence and branding created around his invention. I'm pretty good with turns of phrase, so even though I hadn't come across this one before, the context of the conversation gave...

It’s a Marathon

A popular quote by Theodore Roosevelt says: "Comparison is the thief of joy" But is that necessarily true? Comparing who you are and what you're doing in life has never been more prevalent than today in the world of social media. I promise you, I get it. I see it. If you feel like you're losing because others are seemingly doing...